Brooklyn Woman Walks Away from Hard Rock $1 Million Richer

Sometimes you make your own luck, but sometimes it comes knocking at the Hard Rock Door. Indeed, one lucky Brooklyn woman, Joanna T, can confirm that. In fact, as Hard Rock’s summer promotion was closing, she won big. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, drew her name as the winner of their summer-long millionaire promotion.

Overall, there were more than 5,000 gamblers that the hotel’s Etess Arena last weekend. However, it was only Joanna, out of all of these that hit the jackpot. As she took to the stage, confetti fell from the ceiling. Then, she happily accepted the envelope that named her as the new millionaire.

In It to Win It  Brooklyn Woman Walks Away from Hard Rock $1 Million Richer

Hard Rock opened up this popular summer promotion back in late June. They then awarded players with a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Wild Rewards Cards entries into the promotion when they played on their slots and table games. They ran the promotion through to August 31st.

However, players had to activate their entries. They only had the opportunity in the three-and-a-half-hour window between 2 pm to 5:30 pm on Sunday, September 1st. Players could only activate by playing games or swiping the reward card at the Wild Cards Rewards Kiosks.

Did She Already Know

However, despite the joyous occasion, there were some mutterings. According to some attendees and onlookers, it appeared Joanna T might have known. According to some, she didn’t seem overly happy considering the size of the win. But most new millionaires will tell you that after winning big they rarely realize it. However, some didn’t understand why Joanna T came from backstage, which also indicates that she already knew. Still, whether Joanna knew or not, it was a big night, and she is walking away $1 million richer. Not bad for a night out.