Borgata’s Online Winners from March 17th to 23rd

Borgata’s Online Winners from March 17th to 23rdLike clockwork, we’re back with this week’s big winners over at Borgata’s Online Casino. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, then you’re definitely in the right spot. And if you’re a regular player who’s looking for a little insight into what slots are hot and not, then you already know, we’re going to tell you all about it below.

Double Diamond

First, we’d like to send a big shout out to James A. from Wharton, New Jersey. On March 23rd he threw down $20.00 on the Double Diamond slot game. As a result, he bagged $3,200 and kept it moving. So as you can see, sometimes it pays to play bold, although it’s not necessary, this sure does show that James was blessed with luck, and because of that, he won a whole lot of bucks.

Another Hot Slot

Second up, we have Ian W. hailing from Jersey City. On March 22nd, this lucky player picked the right game to play. As you know Raging Rhino is one of the hottest slots at the Borgata casino. This online and offline game often pays out big and makes the headlines as it’s the case here. For example, Ian bet a meagre $6.80, and he won an astonishing $4,790.60 and never looked back.

The Best for Last

Finally, we have Ms. Tina H. from Vineland, New Jersey. Now she didn’t win as much as Ian did, although she did win a lot of money on a slot that is infamous for making winners. That’s right; on March 20th, she dropped $10.00 on the Loot’En Khamun slot game and won a mind-blowing $3,768.00 in the process.

So if this news didn’t teach you much, at least you know that Loot’En Khamun is one of the hottest online slots in New Jersey. Not to mention, it pays out thousands of dollars on a regular basis as the progressive jackpot still climbs and reaches Millions.