Borgata’s Online Winners from January 6th to 12th

Borgata’s online slots remain hotter than ever, and we’re going to tell you all about it. This week, we have an extraordinary story to share with you. Plus, we got some extra details about one of the hottest slot games in Atlantic City. With that said, let’s skip all the small talk and get right into the action!

Shikibu is on Fire

As we mentioned last week, a lot of new slots are hitting this new year, plus a lot of older games are making their way back to the headlines. For example, on January 10th, George from Hightstown, New Jersey nailed it on the Shikibu slot game! In fact, he hit for $3,763 on a bold $9.00 wager! Now for all of you who read these weekly reports, you’ll know right away that Shikibu is not normal heavy hitter. However, it paid George real good this week, and now everyone is talking about Shikibu.Borgata’s Online Winners from January 6th to 12th

Super Monopoly Money

On January 10th, Patrisha from Staten Island, New York hit it big while enjoying Borgata casino in NJ. In fact, Patrisha stuffed $4,207.50 in her bank account after winning the bonus round on Super Monopoly Money! Way to go Patrisha, it’s nice to see more New Yorkers getting in on the action!

The Extraordinary

Once again, Divine Fortune has lived up to its name by bestowing a fortune on another lucky player at the right place and time. On January 12th, Rosemarie from Bergen, New Jersey hit the Divine Fortune jackpot for a life-changing $322,561.61 on a $4.00 bet! Also, this isn’t the first time this slot has hit at the Borgata for six-figures. Seven months ago, Ross from NJ also hit the Divine Fortune jackpot for $115,763.00 in cash!

All and all, Divine Fortune has only been around for a little more than a year. Since its arrival, more than $3 Million has been paid out on it. Plus, over $1 Million of that came from mobile devices alone. So as you can clearly see, Divine Fortune is definitely the hottest casino slot at the Borgata!