Borgata’s Online Winners from February 24th to March 2nd

As many people know, Borgata’s online casino is the best place to have fun and win a lot of cash! Yes, there are many online casinos in New Jersey, but the truth is, none of them is as consistent as the Borgata. In fact, we wouldn’t even be able to tell these stories every week if they weren’t! So if you’re new to online gambling and looking for a little inspiration, then you’re at the right place! Alternatively, if you’re a seasoned player, these weekly stories will let you know which slots are hot!

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The Queen’s Treasures

In terms of money won, Elizabeth from Atlantic City, New Jersey wears the crown this week! On February 28th, she dropped a meagre $2.00 on the Cleopatra Plus online slot. As a result, she walked away with $6,087.40 and the rest is history! If you follow our winner story, you already know that this slot is quite consistent in paying out lots of money to players! And Elizabeth 3043x stake win is just one of the many we’ve had the chance to report! So, undoubtedly Cleopatra Plus is a game you should try if you’re looking to win big.

Mystery Solved

We’d like to send a big shout out to Sharat from East Brunswick, New Jersey! On February 24th, he put up a $9.00 bet on the China Mystery slot game and rocked it for a massive $4,159.50! Now, the only mystery that remains is how he’s going to spend all that cash! However, we’re pretty sure Sharat knows exactly how he’s going to spend all that loot!Borgata’s Online Winners from February 24th to March 2nd

Hottest Poker Slot in New Jersey

Once again, King Double Double Bonus Poker slot strikes for mega bucks! With this in mind, King Double remains one of the hottest slot games at the Borgata! On March 2nd, Jusztina from Piscataway, New Jersey proved this fact by winning an impressive $3,200.00 on a bold $20.00 wager! In fact, you can take a look back at all our news stories and find that several people have won thousands of dollars on this game this year alone!