Borgata’s Online Winners from February 17th to 23rd

At this point, everyone knows Borgata’s online casino is one of the best places to play slots in New Jersey! But, for those who don’t know, these stories are for you! Every week, we’re happy to announce the big winners. Yes, other operators offer an online casino, although none are as consistent as the Borgata in reporting the big wins.

In fact, people win thousands of dollars every day playing awesome slots from the comfort of their homes. But, you don’t have to take our word for it, these stories speak for themselves! So, let’s find out which slots are hot and how much money people are banking while having fun at the Borgata these days.

How to Bag Five Grand

First up, we have Megan from Cinnaminson, New Jersey. On Tuesday, February 19th she hit for more than five grand while having fun playing Shikibu online at Borgata Casino. According to the Borgata, she put up a meager $2.25 and gave it a spin. As a result, Megan rocked it for $5,079.40, and the rest is history! As you see, you don’t have to bet big to win big! And Megan’s 2,257x stake win proves just that!

Not Your Average Thursday

Second up, we have Maria hailing from Ocean City, New Jersey! It all happened on February 21st when she bet a daring $15.00 on the online slot game, Luck O’ The Jackpot. Due to Maria’s courageous wager, she ended up bagging $5,188.00 and never looked back! In terms of monies won, she comes in first place for the week of February 17th.Borgata’s Online Winners from February 17th to 23rd


Finally, we have Mark B. from Hoboken, New Jersey! On February 22nd, he banked $3,277.20 on an $8.00 wager playing Gonzo’s Quest. Gonzo’s Quest is one of NetEnt’s hottest slot games. In fact, people are winning tons of cash all over the world playing this hit title. So, the next time you log into Borgata Casino, make sure you don’t pass up this game, it could change your life as you find the gold of the lost city of Eldorado!