Borgata’s Online Winners from 9th to 15th December

The second week of December at Borgata casino was none other than spectacular! In fact, the Borgata paid out more than $30,000 to three lucky players! Not to mention, there were hundreds of other winners too. However, there were three that stood out. So without further ado, here are their stories!Borgata’s Online Winners from 9th to 15th December

Lock It Link Nightlife

First up, we have Donald from Plantation, Florida! This lucky man sure was in the right place at the right time on December 13th! So as some would call it luck, for others like Donald, it was destiny!

To prove it, our lucky winner of the week, came from the Sunshine State and decided to have a little fun at Borgata casino. First, he chose the right slot, Lock It Link Nightlife. Then, he spent $4.00 on a spin! As a result, Donald walked away with $20,012.00 in his bank account! Great Job Donald!

Loot’EnKhamun Jackpot

Once again, the Loot’EnKhamun Jackpot slot paid out some serious cash! So as the story goes, Joanne from Newfield, New Jersey won $7,678.50 just 10 days before Christmas! On December 15th, the lucky lady from Newfield bet $5.00 on the well-known Loot’EnKhamun progressive jackpot game. As a result, Joanne walked away with more than seven grand in her hand! Considering the timing, it just doesn’t get any better than that!


Finally, we have Wade from Hillside, New Jersey! On December 10th, this gentleman went bold for the gold and proved his point in the process! Wade decided to put up an old Hamilton ($10) on the new Wild-O-Tron-3000 slot game by NetEnt, and in return, he won a whopping $4,000.00!

As you can see now, sometimes going big, pays big! The truth is, it’s all about picking the right slot to spin. So, here are three slots at Borgata online casino that are definitely worth playing! With that said, have fun & good luck!