Borgata’s Online Winners from 2nd to 8th December

Once again, it was another huge week for Borgata’s online slot players! And given the fact that these huge wins happened just before Xmas and New Year’s, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! So without further ado, let’s reveal Borgata’s hot slots and the incredible stories connected to them!

Great Tiger

First up for the most cash won this week, we have Joseph from Great Meadows, New Jersey! Indeed, this lucky player went all out on December 3rd with a $4.50 bet on the Great Tiger video slot. As a result, the luckiest player of the week bagged $6,953.85 or just over 1500x his stake! Well done Joseph!


Also, a big shout out to Michael from Clifton, New Jersey! This lucky gentleman had a go at winning the biggest online jackpot in New Jersey. Indeed, on December 5th, he bet $5 on the Loot’EmKhamun video slot. And, in return, Michael took home $5,011 worth of loot in the process!

With that said, it looks like five is Mike’s lucky number! After all, he wagered $5 on Dec. 5th and won 5 grand! Congratulation Michael for winning just over 1000x your stake! Hopefully, lady luck will continue to smile down on you and who knows, maybe next time you’ll win the biggest jackpot of all and change your life with a spin!Borgata’s Online Winners from 2nd to 8th December

Luck O’ The Jackpot

Next up we have Constantinos from Cliffside Park, New Jersey! On December 3rd, this lucky player bet $2 on the Luck O’ The Jackpot slot game. Afterward, Constantinos hit the jackpot for $4,017.84! Now, how’s that for some luck?

This massive win reveals that you don’t need to bet big to win big! As you can see, this lucky winner only needed two bucks and a little luck to win just over 2000x his stake! Way to go, Constantinos, you took home the most amount of money if we take into account what you’ve put on the line!