Borgata versus Ocean Resort Casino a new battle within the current battle

In August, Borgata filed a lawsuit against rival Atlantic City casino, Ocean Resort, and 2 of their key executives. They based the case on the premise that the casino executives violated employment contracts by giving proprietary trade secrets to Ocean Resort Casino. However, right now, they’ve put that aside. Instead, they’re looking at any wrongdoings made by each of the dueling casinos’ law firms. To sum up, at the end of October, Blank Rome, who represents Ocean Resorts, claimed that Borgata’s counsel, Jackson Lewis, should be taken off the case. Indeed, they say that the huge law firm has conflicted interests. Yet, they have hundreds of attorneys and boasts both Borgata and Blank Rome as clients. So it has defied their “duty of loyalty” well, that’s if Blank Rome presses ahead with the case.Borgata versus Ocean Resort Casino a new battle within the current battle

A Battle in a battle

Before this, Borgata had tried to remove Blank Rome from the lawsuit. They claim, “unethical conduct.” Indeed, Jackson Lewis claimed that Blank Rome attempted to contact a high ranking Borgata employee in September without getting permission from Borgata first. Blank Rome’s point, however, is obvious. They claim that Jackson Lewis attempted to disqualify and take action against them. So, they say that “in its representation of another client,” they are “taking a directly adverse position. Also, they say that this is not a “no harm, no foul,” which is Jackson Lewis’ defense. Indeed, they say that this foul has very much harmed Blank Rome.

An irrelevant defense

Despite this, Jackson Lewis claims that its work for Blank Rome has been minimal. Indeed, they say that it’s just “1 or 2 visas per year.” However, Blank Rome said that the volume of work is irrelevant.
In the meantime, Borgata has continued its charges against the Blank Rome attorney, which the judge denied. However, she left the door open for more evidence. And so the battles between the 2 online casino giants continue.