Borgata Hotel Confirms New President

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa has got itself a new President to take control of the steering wheel. The MGM Resort International executives have made some big leadership changes soon to come into play.

The role of the new President of the Borgata will now belong to Melonie Johnson. Furthermore, the company has promoted Hugh Turner to the role of Chief Financial Officer. Previously Marcus Glover had the role of President, having held the position since 2016 when MGM International took full ownership of The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.Borgata Hotel Confirms New President

A Wealth of Experience

All and all, Johnson, the new President, brings with her a huge amount of experience. She held the role of President and Chief Operating Officer at MGM National Harbor in Maryland since 2017. However, an MGM spokesperson has made it clear that this new position is subject to New Jersey licensing.

The new CFO, Hugh Turner, has been with Borgata for quite some time, having held the role of Vice President for Finance in the company since 2003. So, he knows the company and the role inside out.

Indeed, these two major changes are just a part of the MGM consolidation and restructuring plan moving forward, which also includes grouping the Atlantic City properties under a ‘Mid-Atlantic’ List.

The Need for Change

So, what has brought about the need for such changes? Well, the recent health crisis has had a devastating effect on the industry short term, and we are yet to know the long-term effects. Many casinos have needed to make changes and MGM Resorts International has been one needing to shake things up. As such, they appointed a new President and CFO. However, this was just one of MGM’s restructuring moves, coming not long after Jim Murren stepped down as CEO In April 2020 and William Hornbuckle took over.

They may well have made these changes even without the current crisis, however. The current moves are definitely money-saving moves and should hold them in good stead for the future.