Bob Dylan Performs Live at Hard Rock in Atlantic City

At age 77, Bob Dylan puts on another memorable show in New Jersey. It all went down this past Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. So in case you’ve missed it, don’t worry, we were able to get the inside scoop. Not to mention, we know where you can catch him next. So without further ado, let’s jump into the details and reveal where Bob’s next stop is on his, Never Ending Tour!

The Great Bob Dylan Medicine Show

Bob strolled out on the stage Saturday afternoon. As he entered, his fans went crazy! You know you’re a legend when it has been over 50 years since your debut and fans still go wild to see you! As expected, he played all his hit songs, but he didn’t venture far off from his grand piano. What’s more is that the artist still has a clear and Stellar voice! In fact, during his performance, he proved that he can still rock classics like Love Sick, It Ain’t Me, like a rolling stone and Babe.

Afterward, the crowd cheered him with a standing ovation! And then it occurred to everybody almost at once. Bob didn’t play his guitar today! Either way, the show was so exciting and unforgettable. And we have to thank the Hard Rock for delivering on their promises to bring more live shows to Atlantic City!

Looking Forward

Bob Dylan Performs Live at Hard Rock in Atlantic City

Well, as we mentioned before, if you missed him on Saturday in AC, we know where he’s heading next. With that said, Bob will be performing seven more shows at the Beacon Theatre in NYC from Nov. 23rd through Dec. 1st.

Plus, on Dec. 3rd, he’ll be performing again at the new Met Venue in the City of Brotherly Love! On that note, grab a pen, head over to your calendar and make those plans official. If not make sure to visit the Hard Rock Website to grab tickets for the next show. Hard Rock has an excellent line up for the holiday season, so don’t miss it!