Biggest merge known to date

On October 2nd, the gaming industry was hit with a piece of massive news. In fact, the news announced a merger of mammoth proportion that will see Flutter Entertainment (FE) acquire shares in The Stars Group (TSG). So, in other words, and to put things simply, FanDuel has an interest in PokerStars. And the pair now form one of the most prominent gaming entity in the world, with an estimated annual revenue of over $4.1 Billion.stars group Biggest merge known to date

In essence, the current deal sees that FE will exchange 0.2253 shares in trade for each TSG share they’ll get. And this will create a 54.64% versus 45.36% split, where FE holds the major part of the shares. Both parties believe that the merge will exponentially increase the group’s pre-tax revenue.

All-in in all verticals

In essence, the newly formed business has the most significant verticals in the industry covered. And together, they are covering all from the casino, free-to-play games, and Poker too. But more importantly, the pair is covering the 2 fastest-growing interests in the US Sportsbetting and fantasy sports.

The new CEO of the proposed merged Business, Peter Jackson, commented on this game-changing move and said. “The combination represents a great opportunity to deliver a step-change in our presence. And ensure we are ideally positioned to take advantage of the exciting opportunity in the US. Through a media relationship with Fox Sports. But as well as our development of US sports betting through Flutter’s FanDuel and TSG’s Fox Bet brands.”

Far from a done deal

For now, the merge is only a proposal. The truth is, there are many hoops to jump through before the contract see signatures. In the States, the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) and the Casino Control Commission (CCC) will have to give them the green light.

And let’s not forget that since Fe and TSG operate in several markets and multiple continents too. So, The Financial Conduct Authority in London, Stock Exchange, in Dublin and other various US, Canadian, and European stakeholders will put their 2 cents in too. But besides all of this, the earliest official “go” date expects for the second quarter of 2020. And that’s if everything goes smoothly.