Big online winners at the Borgata during mid-September

Summer is now past us, but the heat is still on in New Jersey! Between September 9th and 17th, we saw some pretty nice wins over at Borgata Casino.

In fact, the winnings were so impressive that we actually felt obligated to share this with you! Who knows? The next big story could be about you too! And that’s why we share these stories! We want you to see how possible it is to become a big winner at the Borgata! So now that’s out the way, let’s introduce this weeks MVP’s in order of winnings!Big online winners at the Borgata during mid-September

Volts and Bolts pays out big second week in a row

Somebody, please get us a drumroll! On September 11th, George from Hightstown, New Jersey, followed last weeks winner and put up $5.00 on the Volts and Bolts slot game and racked up $10,162.00 in winnings! Bada bing, bada boom, and exactly like that, George from H-town was 10 grand richer! Congratulations George, you’re our first-place winner this week at Borgata Casino.

$151.5 from first place

Yeah sure, first place is as sweet as it gets! But at Borgata casino 2nd place is also a great place to be! You don’t think so? Think again and go ask Kenneth from Hackettstown, New Jersey and ask what he thinks of 2nd Place!

OK, nevermind all the legwork, we’ll make it easy for you and tell you ourselves! On September 9th, this lucky fella dropped a $2.50 bet on the Triple Red Hot 7’s slot game and ended up walking away with $10,010.50!

Third place

Also, on September 11th we had another big winner crowned at Borgata Casino! Coming in 3rd place, we have IIdes straight out of Wayne, New Jersey! This player bet $5.00 on the Wild West slot game and in return won a fancy $4,001.50!

No losers at Borgata

So now that you see how fruitful life can be over at Borgata Casino, let’s see how sweet things are at Borgata Race & Sports Book.

Well, if you think those slot wins were big, then wait until you hear this! Last week a guest from Absecon, New Jersey bet $5.00 on a 13 team parlay and won a life-changing $21,245.59!

As well, during this week at Borgata Poker, a lot of other players took home a lot of cash. In fact, Borgata paid out almost $50,000 in poker winnings alone! And that all happened between September 9th and 17th!