Betfair’s FanDuel Appoints New senior leader

As competition in New Jersey peaks to new heights, Betfair’s sportsbook operator FanDuel switches things up in the higher management department. In fact, last week the group went ahead with its final plans to name Lainie Cooney as the company’s newest Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). Now, we understand that you might be wondering, what does this have to do with competitiveness? Well, the way a company internally functions reflects in its overall performance. When things aren’t right from within, it always trickles down to the customer. And we all know, FanDuel isn’t about to let that happen.

Betfair’s FanDuel Appoints New senior leader

Outshining the Opponent

The truth is, running a sportsbook or casino in NJ is just as competitive as sports betting itself. Outshining the rival is the name of the game. Therefore, every inside move is critical and worthy of news reporting. In this case, Lainie Cooney brings several years of experience and expertise with her.

The truth is, she’s been creating and executing human resource strategies for more than 25 years. So in terms of success, she enjoys a lot of it. According to FanDuel’s CEO Matt King, “Lainie brings a passion for our business and a wealth of experience we can benefit from, and I am excited to add her to the senior leadership team.” So as you can see, the competition is quite real in New Jersey. And Betfair FanDuel is gearing up to attract even more talents to meet the demand.

Game Time

Since the beginning of this year, FanDuel ranks as the leading operator of sports betting in New Jersey. In February, the company saw $8.1 Million of the state’s $12.7 Million total sports wagering revenue. So if FanDuel is to stay on top of the stack, appointments like this one are crucial. And as new markets for sports betting emerge across the US, FanDuel is clearly preparing to lead the way and with good people too.