Betfair casino and Golden Nugget casino launch game of the week!

Betfair casino and Golden Nugget casino launch game of the week! If you’re an avid casino player, your probably rarely overwhelm with the choice of games you find in a casino lobby. In fact, chances are that you already have a favorite game. However, if you’re new to the online casino industry, you might wonder what game to play. If it’s your case, you’re not alone. In fact, as the industry is growing we’re anticipating that more players will find themselves in your shoes. A great news is that Betfair casino and Golden Nugget casino have thought of players in your situation. Indeed, both casinos have decided to introduce a game of the week feature to their site.Betfair casino and Golden Nugget casino launch game of the week!

How does a game get picked as “game of the week”?

They’re a few factors that can determine the game of the week depending on where you play. But generally, they’re games that have:

  • 1 – A very high jackpot! Sometimes even a jackpot that exceeds its payout threshold.
  • 2 – It’s a new game and it has great bonus features.
  • 3 – The casino manager has noticed significantly higher payout on this game. And Therefore want to give its players a very good experience by pushing chances to win big.

It’s also worth knowing that when a game is picked as “game of the week” it’s frequently linked with a side promotion where players can win extra cash! It’s currently the case for Smash the Pigs at Betfair casino. Indeed, players who wager a minimum of $250 in a day will receive an extra $5 bonus. You’ll find more information about this promo on Betfair’s site.

But remember!

If you want to play the game of the week you should always claim a free money bonus. Currently, Betfair has an unbeatable offer of $30 free money on the house for anyone who opens an account today and uses the bonus code PLAY30. For more freebies make sure to read our free money section! Good luck and have fun!