Betfair Casino and FanDuel now have shared online wallet

As you probably know, both FanDuel and Betfair Casino operate under the FanDuel Group. Therefore, this news shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Yet, this move is quite interesting, since it raises the bar for user-friendliness.

Indeed, the new shared wallet allows players to enjoy more with one wallet! Which means that players who play on either FanDuel or Betfair Casino can enjoy sports betting and online casino at the same time and without having to make two deposits. So, let’s examine this on-the-fly approach that will get everybody talking in NJ!

One Wallet Unites Them All

As you now know, FanDuel and Betfair use the same wallet. The advantage that this gives to the players of both site is absolutely newsworthy! Indeed, casino players and punters now have more flexibility and freedom. Not to mention, that the companies are increasing their cross sale possibility thanks to their new feature.

So, it’s likely that we’ll soon see some fantastic casino offers in between Hockey periods. Because we all know that punters love to spin the slots too! When you think of it, a shared wallet makes complete sense since the login credentials are the same for both sites.

Betfair Casino and FanDuel now have shared online walletA new genre of entertainment

In conclusion, if you’re new to the game, then now’s the best time to set up your account on either brand. Betfair Casino and FanDuel are the only brands in NJ where you can place a sports bet, play DFS, play Live Dealer games and spin the slots!

Matt King, CEO of FanDuel Group, reflected on their latest technological update. He believes that FanDuel is creating a new genre of entertainment, and a shared wallet is another way the companies can bring fans closer. In fact, the company aims to provide an online betting experience that fans want, love and can rely on.