Atlantic City Mayor Cleared of Charges After Casino Fight

If you recall, we released a story four months ago that saw Atlantic City’s mayor Frank Gilliam caught up in a physical altercation. According to reports, he and several other men were seen brawling outside the Golden Nugget Casino on November 11th, 2018. Also, the fight took place under surveillance cameras at the casino, so news of the throw down went viral. Now, we’re learning that the mayor is clear of any criminal charges.

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The Outcome

Last week, a judge in North Wildwood, NJ dismissed harassment and assault charges against Gilliam. However, a city councilman from AC wasn’t so lucky. Jeffree Fauntleroy, also seen in the video fighting received a $500 fine for disrupting traffic in a public space.

After the court hearing, Gilliam told reports that the judge’s decision validated his claims that he did nothing wrong. Also, his attorney Vincent Campo said the mayor’s actions didn’t reveal any criminal intent. Plus, prosecutors declined to file any charges after investigating the claims. In fact, Campo said his client only tried to defend himself against a provoked attack. Apparently, the judge agrees too.

A slice of humble pie

Even though AC’s mayor won the case in court, he sure learned his lesson to not fight in public. In fact, after the altercation, a flood of unwanted publicity surfaced in the media. What’s more, is that Gilliam’s house was also raided by FBI agents a month after the fight. Apparently, the agents removed several boxes and computer equipment. But it’s still unclear what they were searching for. Up until now, no charges are pending against the mayor stemming from the raid. However, it’s never a good thing when the FBI raids your house! Or when the people that have elected you hear bad things about yourself.