Atlantic City Mayor and Councilman Involved in Casino Brawl

There’s so much excitement in Atlantic City these days that it’s impossible to see everything in the press! And perhaps this is one story that Mayor Gilliam wish you didn’t hear about…

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Atlantic CityIn fact, in early November, as temperatures dipped below 30°. Mayor Frank Gilliam and Councilman Fauntleroy turned the heat up right outside the Golden Nugget. And now the two politicians are facing a lot of bad press!

Round One

Well, where to start? This news is so unusual. So we’ll focus on the facts and what we understand so far. And we’ll let you make your own opinion of the situation at hand.

According to a video captured by the Golden Nugget security camera, Gilliam attacked a man. Although the security camera footage isn’t very clear on who attacked who. But we do see agitated people throwing missed punches at each other.

After the video surfaced, none of the politicians released a statement to confirm or deny the event. But, the press confirmed their identity. And everyone was shocked to hear about this public display!

Round Two

Naturally, following the fight, several members of the Democratic Party are asking for the mayor resignation! After all, AC can’t have elected officials running around starting fights. It’s inappropriate behaviour and reflects poorly on everyone especially the city!

But if there’s one good thing that came out of this is that none of the men will face criminal charges. Which means that the city won’t have to pick up a bill to defend its leaders in the criminal court.

To conclude, this is one story that will continue to develop in the coming weeks. And of course, regardless of how it ends, one can only hope Mayor Gilliam learned his lesson. Being a Mayor is a 24/7 job. And to keep the respect of the citizen, one must act appropriately at all time!