Atlantic City lays-off summertime casino employees

As the summer fades into yesterday, things slow down a bit in Atlantic City. Although this is nothing new for the residence, after all, this is still New Jersey. Not too many people walk around outside and go to our beaches in the winter! Indeed, this may be true, but so is the fact that we keep it rockin’ all year long in Atlantic City! So on that note, let’s crunch some numbers and see what kind of impact the change of seasons has had on the city.

The Numbers

Looking back on August, the city’s nine casinos employed just over 30,000 people. Which, by the way, is the highest amount of people hired in 4 years! Even though it didn’t beat the record set 11 years ago where casinos employed 49,123 folks! But that was a different time in history. These are new times in New Jersey, and Atlantic City is a new city in the making!dge

In specific

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) reported that there were 6,877 more workers this year. And for a city that’s bouncing back from a 10 years’ recession, it’s on a positive trajectory finally. Especially, in terms of jobs growth and earned revenue for the city and state.

Furthermore, the DGE reports that there were 22,177 full-time employees in August. Also, it reported there were 2,973 more employees that where hired-on as seasonal help. Additionally, the DGE reveals there were 5,607 positions filled under the title of ‘other’. These totals bring the official number of casino employees in Atlantic City during the months of August 2018 to 30,757!

The Atlantic City rebound

As Atlantic City moves forward into a new era that has seen much changes in recent months, we look ahead with hope. People still remember the glory days of Atlantic City, but those days are in the past now. It’s a new age in New Jersey, and with the legalization of online sports betting, people are flocking from all over the world. Yes, it’s true the $5 billion a year in revenue days are all behind us now, but the future looks much brighter going forward. We’re halfway there, and nothing is holding Atlantic City back!