Atlantic City Golden Nugget Breaks Online Gambling Records

Now that December is well behind us, all the records are starting to pour in. As we reported, the market in NJ as a whole is up, and sportsbooks are raking in! Even though, they reported slight losses in revenue last month. However, the record books are revealing another story. According to the DGE, online casino smashed all records in December and set the bar high going into January. With that said, let’s explore the report and reveal who leads the online casino scene in the Garden State.

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According to the records

As revealed by the NJ DGE, licensed operators in the state generated $29 Million in December 2018. The total includes all sources of online casino revenue, except sports betting. Also, the figures reflect a 40% increase from the same month a year ago! Not to mention, online poker is down 11.6% and only contributed 7.1% of the overall figure. So without a doubt, online slots and other online table games are killing it right now!

Atlantic City Golden Nugget Breaks Online Gambling RecordsOn that note, the Golden Nugget dominated online casino last month. According to the official figures, they generated $10.2 Million, which is up from November’s $9.67 Million. Furthermore, they’re the first casino in NJ to break the $10 Million mark in one month. Overall, the casino produced over $104.8 Million in revenue in 2018. Looking back at last year’s record book, that’s a 52.6% improvement!

Other online casino gains

In conclusion, the online casino market in NJ is hot right now! In fact, the Borgata also took in $5.5 Million in December. Which, is an 11.5% improvement from the same month a year ago. Also, Caesars reported gains too. According to the records, they generated $4.4 Million and $45.6 Million overall in 2018. Looking back as far as 2017, that’s $2.6 million higher YOY. Not to mention, Resorts Digital Gaming also reported $4.3 Million in December. Their annual total for 2018 peaked at $45.3 Million, and that’s $2.3 Million more than the year before. So once again, the market proves to be in good shape going into a new year. On that note, it looks like we’ll have to wait until next month to see how January stood against the test of time!