Atlantic City Casino Labor Union Re-Elects Bob McDevitt

In recent news, Casino Labor Union, UNITE HERE Local 54, announced that Bob McDevitt has once again secured another three-year term as president. After reaching a deal with hospitality workers at Hard Rock Atlantic City, members are clearly on his side. This statement is true considering that he won by a landslide. Not to mention, he’s also in progress of sealing another major deal with Ocean Casino Resort employees in the coming months.ORC Atlantic City Casino Labor Union Re-Elects Bob McDevitt

Working Progress

It’s clear, McDevitt is definitely the man for the job. In fact, it was clear on Friday, May 10th after tallying up all the ballots. According to public records, 1,596 people cast their votes. From that total, 932 were in favour of McDevitt continuing is role as president for union workers. Not to mention, he’s been at this position for 23 years. So in terms of experience and trust, McDevitt has a lot of it.

Indeed, he has a reputation around Atlantic City for protecting Casino hospitality workers. If not, then how could he survive as president since 1996 and win this election by nearly two-thirds? The truth is, you remain undefeated when you’re good at what you do. Had things not been moving so well for McDevitt, then the final results would probably look much different.

Runner up Mr Tabei

Unfortunately, not everyone responds the same way after losing an election. As for Mr Tabei, well, he’s not taking it very well. In the end, he declared that 152 ballots were not up-to-date with their union dues, and those votes should receive a challenge. But then again, what would be the point of a challenge? Even if you eliminate those votes, Tabei would have still lost by an overwhelming number. He also complained that workers didn’t have much time to cast their votes and that the lines were too long. But at the end of the day, everyone who wanted to vote voted. So until 2022, this is a done deal. In the meantime, we look forward to Ocean Casino Resort, joining the union ranks before the end of this year.