Atlantic City Beach get a new fleet of boats thanks to the Hard Rock!

Atlantic City Beach get a new fleet of boats thanks to the Hard Rock! As you know, Atlantic City is more than just casinos and gambling. In fact, one of the big attractions for many tourists it’s the location itself. So if you’re planning a trip to the city, in addition to visiting Atlantic City for its casinos and other amenities you can also spend a little time seaside and get a tan while on holiday. And now thanks to the Hard Rock Casino Hotel & Spa, AC local lifeguards are even better equipped in case of an emergency.Atlantic City Beach get a new fleet of boats thanks to the Hard Rock!

2 new boats to make the beach safer!

The Maryland and Virginia Avenue beaches have two new boats thanks to the Hard Rock. The Hard Rock partnered with the Atlantic City Beach Patrol to provide the lifeguards with new boats for the busy summer season. These lifeboats are custom made. They feature a colorful Hard Rock style collage. In addition to the original red lettering of the Atlantic City Beach Patrol on the side.

Beach Patrol- The Inaugural Trip

Of Course, there was a special celebration to introduce the boats. Lifeguards towed the boats with celebrity passengers aboard. The newly elected mayor Frank Gilliam was in the boat too and along with Miss New Jersey, Kaitlyn Schoeffel. The group rowed out to the calmer water to lay a ceremonial wreath.

Atlantic City already loves the Hard Rock

The Mayor shared some very positive words with the public. Overall, there is a great appreciation for the ongoing efforts Hard Rock makes to support the community. Hard Rock already employs some 800 locals in its casino.

In fact, that number will grow when the Casino officially opens at the end of this month. As we all know, Hard Rock strives to be not only a casino but also a member of the community. This is because the company’s motto is Love all Serve all! And it sure seems that the casino is doing its best to serve us all better!