Asher Conniff’s journey that led him to Borgata Casino

Now here’s a story that you don’t hear every day. Asher Conniff is a 29 year who accidentally signed up for a poker tournament and as a result, won $973,683! This story is actually quite interesting because it was more than luck that made Asher a millionaire. In fact, it was his destiny. When something is meant to happen, nothing can prevent it from happening. This story about Asher Conniff is clear proof of that. So let’s jump in and discover how destiny led the Brooklyn kid to New Jersey.Asher Conniff’s journey that led him to Borgata Casino

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How it all happened

Back in 2015, Asher signed up for a live poker tournament. After realizing that he made a mistake by reserving a seat for the wrong tournament, he tried to get his money back. To his surprise, he got denied a refund. Everything seemed to be looking down for Asher, but that would all soon change. You see, Asher originally had plans to go on a vacation with his family to Europe. Although the tournament he signed up for would interfere with his family trip. So instead of going to Europe, Asher decided to stay back and take his seat in the tournament. Due to this decision, he won! In return, the big win made him eligible for the World Poker Tour Championship, which he also won! As a result, Asher walked away with almost a million dollars!

All around the world, final stop, New Jersey

After winning more than $970,000, Asher decided to travel the world as he always dreamed of doing. He went to Australia, Asia, and Europe and played in tournaments all over the globe, including the Bahamas. Before Asher knew it, he was ready to go home. He made his way back to the states and moved to Jersey City, which was only a few minutes outside of his hometown in NYC. Now he lives close to his family and still does what he loves, playing poker. Which, has led him to Borgata Poker, where he can play poker from the comfort of his condo in Jersey City! Now you too can play with Asher Conniff! All you have to do is head over to Borgata Poker and look for his username, misclick and pull up a chair! With that said, we hope you enjoyed the story. See you at the tables!