Are sportsbooks banning excessive winners in the US?

As sports betting has arrived, so have the negative rumors. So we decided to dig into this particular story and point out the facts and dismiss the rumors! Also, we all knew this day was coming since the entry of sports betting; some players are just too good at predicting the outcome of matches!

And that brings us to this story, players getting banned for winning too much cash! Sounds pretty unfair, doesn’t it? So let’s jump into the story now and separate the truth from falsehood!William Hill

Does William Hill ban excessive winners in the US?

First, William Hill has been in the game for 84 years and counting! Moving forward to 2018, William Hill now has a well-established sportsbook in the US! Actually, they’re the biggest bookmaker in America!

Now we all know you don’t become that popular by banning players, for unfounded reasons. But, as there are no actual facts brought to the surface in these allegations against William Hill, only time will tell if the media reporting bear any fruit!

New Jersey says, NO!

After digging into the facts, we found where this rumor might stem from. First, the practice of banning players & bettors for winning too much moolah is something not common in the US.

Especially not in New Jersey where they have some strict rules prohibiting it, and it’s not a popular practice in NV either. Although some casinos in NJ reserve the right to ban whomever they want, whenever they want, and for whatever reason they want.

Now, on the other hand, the UK (where William Hill is from) does have a history of this! In fact, over 50,000 sports betting accounts went into closure over the past five years!

Perhaps some punters are making a parallel between the UK and NJ? Well… It would be unwise to do so since two different authorities protect the players. Therefore, the laws on account closure are completely different!