American Gaming Association Selects New CEO

American Gaming Association Selects New CEOAs we enter into a new year, several companies are experiencing management shake-ups! With that said, the American Gaming Association (AGA) also announced changes. In fact, AGA is the most well-known lobbying group in the US, and for them, change starts at the top! As of January 14th, 2019 Bill Miller will take on the new role as the company’s president and CEO.

AGA Shake-Up

If you remember back in June, the former CEO Geoff Freeman resigned and left the company. Well, to fill that seat, interim CEO Stacy Papadopoulos stepped up and took control. However, Stacy was only temporarily sitting in to fill the void. And that’s why last week, the company named Bill Miller as the new boss to lead the association forward. Mr Miller will now become the third CEO to manage AGA since it began 24 years ago.

A moment in history

All and all, Miller spent the last 20 years lobbying in DC for better relations with the government. With that said, Miller sure takes control of AGA at a monumental moment in history. As we all know, NJ is paving the future of the iGaming industry across the states. So without a doubt, this will most likely be the greatest challenge of Miller’s career.

Going Forward with Bill Miller

Following the news, the man of the hour, Bill Miller said. “It’s truly a remarkable time for casinos in America as online gaming enters mainstream entertainment.” Miller is now ready to take on policymakers on Capitol Hill and get the job done. After all, it’s his extensive work with federal lawmakers that qualified him for the new role as CEO at AGA. So stay with us as we enter into a new era in the online casino industry. 2019 should be one of the most exciting years until now!