The Amateur Sports Protection Act a violation of the 10th amendment!

The Amateur Sports Protection Act a violation of the 10th amendment! It may seem that not much is happening with the Sports Book Legislation case in New Jersey. In fact, some even think that the court case appealed has reached a dead luck. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Perhaps you didn’t know that Governor Chris Christie has yet filled another brief in the hope to bring the Sportsbook industry to NJ. This time, the governor took the matter from a constitutional front. Christie pointed out that the Amateur Sports Protection Act and the federal input in this matter is a violation of the 10th jersey online casino

The 2 believes that clashes.

We’re sure you’ll know that the 10th amendment says: “the power to legalize gambling is not given to the federal government but to the States and to the people instead”. By hosting a referendum in 2011 Christie inforced the 10th Amendment. Luckily, the people of NJ voted for the legalization of sports book.

On the other hand, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) prohibit “private persons who may have self-interests to benefit for the activity of the PASPA ”.

Some think that the PASPA is being hypocritical in this matter. Especially since athletes often benefit from sponsorship to promote sports merchandise and receive financial compensation. Furthermore, it also seems that the PASPA has turned a blind eye to fantasy sports. Plus many leagues have financial partnerships with DFS operators.

Who will win Christie or the PASPA?

It sure seems that Christie’s brief has strong argument towards the legalization of sports betting. The main point that Christie is making with his last bill is that the Federal government is overreaching in this matter. One thing is certain. Should the sportsbook industry finally become legal, the people of NJ would strongly benefit from it.

Until the supreme court vote on this matter, we just have to wait and see who’ll win the debate. As always we’ll keep our readers informed of any progress on this front. So stay tunes, the matter is not over yet.