Adam Sandler at Hard Rock

Everyone knows Adam Sandler, the film star known for his slightly crazy sense of humour. Well, he certainly gave some New Jersey kids some very interesting Bedtime Stories when he surprised them with a pickup game of basketball before the Hard Rock show.

Sandler was due to perform in Atlantic City at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel Mark Etess Arena on Friday 28th June, but he made a surprise pit stop. Indeed, he gave some lucky kids the surprise of their life with a pickup basketball game. It seems that Adam Sandler is not merely a Waterboy.

Adam Sandler at Hard Rock

Making Dreams Come True

Before reaching his final destination at Hard Rock Casino, Sandler showed off his sporting prowess on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was there that this epic encounter took place. This epic five on five encounters made the day of the youngsters in attendance. In fact, one of the young boys, Abdul, couldn’t quite believe it was the 50 First Dates star when he first showed up. “He was on my team, which was mad cool,” said the excited youngster. This was certainly a day to remember for him and his friends.

An Impromptu Performance

In fact, this isn’t the only time Sandler has surprised youngsters with an impromptu basketball game. Just two days earlier he crashed the Lancer girl’s basketball practice session before his performance at PNC Bank Arts Center. It was a surprise to all when Sandler shot hoops with the girls of St. John Vianney High School. This time, however, he wasn’t alone. The actor brought his young daughter along to join in the fun. The girl’s coach, Dawn Karpell, expressed her surprise at seeing him, saying, “I was like no, c’ mon.” Sandler clearly enjoys dropping in and playing ball with the kids, and the kids love it too. Let’s just hope he had some energy left for his gigs afterwards.