AC’s Two New Stars to Open on the Same Date

AC’s Two New Stars to Open on the Same Date. Ocean Resort Casino made a bold announcement this week. It says it will open its doors on June 28, the same day as the Hard Rock Casino. What a way to heat up the competition! Don’t forget to mark this on your calendars.

OCR’s CEO Frank Leone said June 28 will be a significant day for Atlantic City. “We look forward to June 28 as the culmination of all of our planning and know that this will be a special day for Atlantic City as it turns the page on a new chapter of revitalization,” he said.

“Everyone has been so incredibly positive and supportive of the changes that have been discussed relative to the property and our team is committed to providing a tremendous customer experience for all of our guests. We cannot wait to reveal what we have been working on for them.”

More than just fun

The opening of these two establishments has created a great deal of buzz. Indeed, visitors to Atlantic City will have more gaming and entertainment options to choose from. Yet, and this might even be more important, the opening of the two casinos will create about 6,500 new jobs. This is great news, especially seeing as nearly 11,000 people lost their jobs due to the 2014 shutdowns. And they are still hiring to meet their staffing goals before opening next month. Will you be next in line?hard rock casino

Getting the show on the road

With the imminent launch date, both casinos are busy dealing with last-minute details. This includes hiring all the staff, completing renovations and, most important, making sure all gambling licenses are in place for June 28.

Hard Rock has recently set up its name in big gold letters on the side of the building, and their well-known logo will be hoisted up soon. They’re planning to launch their big day with a guitar smashing ceremony.

As for Ocean Resort, they’ve been a bit more secretive. We know they’ve done great deals of work inside, and are making it easier for guests to get around. As for their big opening party, we’ll have to wait until June 28th to know more!