Acquiring Caesars Proves to be Easier Said than Done

Acquiring Caesars Proves to be Easier Said than DoneAs we promised all our readers, this news would likely drag on for a while, and as it does, we’d keep you updated along the way. Well, it looks like we called it right; this story is clearly taking its time to unfold. Currently, there’s rumour’s circulating around Atlantic City that there could be a merger with Eldorado Resorts. Now we’re learning most analysts agree that a deal of such magnitude would prove to be disastrous for Eldorado.

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Not a Good Move

Considering how well the online gaming market is doing in New Jersey, we suppose it would be tempting to purchase Caesars Entertainment at this time in history. Not to mention, the sports betting markets in New Jersey are soaring to new heights every month. But then again, who has $12-13 Billion to blow on almost $10 Billion worth of debt?

Whoever does that is really confident in future markets. In those terms, buying $10 Billion of debt could actually prove to be quite brilliant. After all, most are convinced that the NJ casino industry is healthy and looks more promising than ever. As of now, the leading candidates are Eldorado and Golden Nugget boss, Tilman Fertitta. And the word is, Fertitta is gathering up the necessary cash to make an improved offer. So the big question remains, how will Eldorado respond?

An Honest Perspective

To put it bluntly, if Eldorado merges with Caesars, they’d be deeply mortgaging their company’s future, which might end up destroying them in the end. In fact, this is exactly how Caesars got in this mess in the first place. So will Eldorado take heed, or will they take into consideration that its different times in the US casino industry?

As for Fertitta, well the same applies to him as well. However, he’s quite optimistic about the future. But then again, the Golden Nugget’s online casino rates at the top of its class. He’s already offered $8.1 Billion before, and he’s back on the quest.