A Swansea sales assistant tames Wild Elements

This is an incredible story of how one lucky player turned a £4 bet into £259,937.92. And all it took was one spin on the Casumo exclusive video slot, Wild Elements. According to sources, the sale assistant that goes by the name of Sadia is a relatively new customer to the brand that makes people smile. In fact, the woman signed up with Casumo only 4 months before bagging a win that changed her life. And we’re quite sure Sadia, doesn’t regret the decision to play their either.

A Swansea sales assistant tames Wild Elements

A few spins before bedtime

By now, many of us have also taken the habit to play a couple of spins to relax by the end of a stressful day. And this is precisely what Sadia decided to do before turning off the light to go to bed. Although, instead of sweet dreams, reality struck. And the lucky gal from Swansea pocketed a huge win of £259,937.92 on Wild Elements Video slot.

After the game paid in spade, she ran into her kid’s bedroom to hug them. And she also rushed at her husband side to tell him the news. News that he, of course, couldn’t believe at first and said, “Is this real? Is this real?”

New favourite game

Unsurprisingly, after this exhilarating win, Sadia disclosed that her new favourite game had changed. Plus, she also confirmed that she’d continue to try her luck on Wild Elements from time to time. But until the next big win, Sadia and her husband of 14 years are currently planning a romantic getaway. A holiday that will both celebrate the win and upcoming wedding anniversary.

Sadia also said. “I found a house that I had my heart set on, but when we went for a visit, it turned out that we couldn’t afford the deposit. Now we will actually be able to buy it.” So, well done Sadie from all of us on Onlinecasino-NJ. Spoil yourself and your loved one you deserve it.