A short marriage for Ocean Resort Casino

As the old saying goes, the first year of marriage is the hardest one. And as it stands, it appears that the alliance between Ocean Resort Casino and Hyatt wasn’t meant to be.

Indeed, if you remember the happy duo tied the knot in June 2019. And this in the hope to raise the profile of the ex-Revel Atlantic City who has not only undergone a massive renovation. But it has also changed hands a couple of time since its completion.

In essence, the affiliation between the 2 hospitality giants was a promising one that could potentially bear fruit. Even if it was mostly just a summer fling, it seems. If things had worked out, it could have put Ocean Resort Casino as one of Hyatts top luxury destination. And one that could rival with properties like Confidante Miami Beach hotel and the Hotel du Louvre in Paris.

A short marriage for Ocean Resort Casino

Stating irreconcilable differences?

The news of the separation made the headlines last week. And according to the rumours, the main cause for the dissociation is that Ocean Resort Casino didn’t get the exposure it hoped for on Hyatt site. And exposure that could have helped to drive even more bookings and foot traffic in town.

Yet, according to the DGE, the hotel shouldn’t complain of its occupancy rate. After all, it sits at 99.6%. Which means it’s the second leader among the 9 Casinos in Atlantic City.

Putting the cards on the table

Now after the news went public and the whisper started, Ocean Resort casino was quick to put an end to the gossips. They confirmed that the disunion was mostly because of the high volume of direct booking it got which no longer enable them to “permit preferential booking”.

The hotel also thanked the franchise for “the impetus it gave us for our grand reopening”. And they’ve also confirmed that the guest won’t be affected by the separation over the festive season.

But have also released this stated to inform everyone. “After December 31, World of Hyatt members will not be eligible to receive World of Hyatt program benefits when staying at the hotel including earning World of Hyatt points and redeeming World of Hyatt points or free night awards.”

But it’s OK, after all, Ocean Resort Casino still has its own loyalty scheme. And one that could prove rewarding too.