A New Virgin in Atlantic City?

A New Virgin in Atlantic City? It’s official. Richard Branson has joined the Las Vegas casinos, family. Some twenty years after declaring his desire to get involved in this type of entertainment, the founder of the Virgin Group announced that he is taking over the former Hard Rock Casino. The property will be part of the Virgin Hotels subsidiary.

With many properties still for sale in Atlantic City, will Virgin join the likes of the new Hyatt’s Ocean Resort and Hard Rock?virgin casino

Branson is branching out

The 67-year-old British billionaire recently announced his new acquisition of the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. The price remains a mystery, though Branson has said he’ll be investing hundreds of millions of dollars on the Hotel.

He intends to completely renovate the establishment, transforming the property and refurbishing the 1,500 rooms and suites. It needs the Virgin touch, of course. He launched the Virgin Hotels brand in 2010, and this will be the second establishment. The other Virgin Hotel is in Chicago.

That doesn’t mean Branson hasn’t been busy

The high school dropout began his career in the 1970s with a mail-order record company called Virgin. This led to the record label, the radio station, the megastore, and so on. Today, the Virgin Group is an impressive empire with very diverse brands. The Virgin Atlantic Airline flies hundreds of thousands of visitors to Las Vegas each year. In fact, 1.1 million tourists traveled there in 2017. From now on, they are bound to get excellent deals when choosing to stay at the new Virgin Hotel.

To conclude

Branson also launched a mobile phone company, Virgin Mobile, and the ambitious Virgin Galactic, which aims to develop space tourism. Is his latest acquisition a sign of growth for Virgin Hotels? Apparently, he is planning to open another eight hotels, though we don’t know their locations yet. Might Atlantic City be one of those? Especially since Virgin is not shy to show love for the garden state since they already own a 100% legal online casino NJ, called Virgin Online Casino.  Maybe a brick and mortar casino in NJ is the next logical step!