A new friend for the Stars group that’ll help them shine

A few years from now, we’ll look back at 2019 as the year that changed the way we enjoy watching professional sport game. In fact, the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey send a shock wave across the nation. A fine example of the phenomenon that now ravages the sports sector is, the deal announced by the Stars Group recently.

Indeed, the Stars Group and its FOX Bet app stormed the media with yet another game-changer agreement. But this time, it involves the Major League Baseball (MLB) and according to the press release. It seems that the company behind PokerStars have hit a home run that will pay dividends for many years to come too.A new friend for the Stars group that’ll help them shine

Better data for better results

To sum up, as we understand, the new partnership between the Stars Group and the MLB gives the operator full use of the League’s official data. And apparently, the data will be accessible across the US in their free-to-play app.

According to sources, The Stars Group mobile app will offer an enhance players experience. And the timing couldn’t be better as some of you may have noticed. In fact, the Championship Series and the World Series are in full swing. And so a side bet on the app could help baseball fans to spice up their games. And win real prizes too.

The Stars Group keep on shining with its business practices

According to Kenny Gersh, an MLB VP, the official feed guarantees a reliable real-time data source for end-users. But it’s undeniable that The Stars Group also benefits from this deal too.

After all, they’re developing a one-of-a-kind and all-rounder sport product. But thankfully, it does so responsibly. And the press release confirmed the Group would also promote responsible gaming.

Plus, any information captured in the process will follow the best practices with regards to data integrity as well. This way, they’ll have a solid foundation that the company can build on at a later stage for money play, if they want to offer it, that is.