A huge merge on the horizon

As the online casino market in the U.S slowly emerges from a long waited slumber. The industry reacts with prompt decision-making and proposals that turn heads. And one of the latest exploratory plans comes from no other than Bally’s Corporation, more commonly known as Bally’s. Where Bally has been in talks with the industry-leading Gamesys Group plc. And according to sources, the area of discussion is heavily focused on a merger. More precisely, Bally’s would be the consumer of said operation. And has supposedly offered the Gamesys Group’s shareholders a hefty sum for the shares, worth thinking of accepting. So, let’s see what’s currently on the table. But more importantly, have the deal reached its event horizon, or is it still fluid?A huge merge on the horizon

An offer hard to refuse

According to available information, Bally’s has offered Gamesys Group’s shareholders $25.37 a share. That is more than a fair offer, according to current listings. Yet, as of now, no response is said, and the situation is far from decided and agreed on. So, expect, the two companies headline the industry news as the planned merge fills with more details as it evolves. However, we know so far that talks happen, where some information has found its way out. Basically, the two companies believe that now is the time to react and work together in synergy and seize the opportunity to present itself on the U.S market. More precisely, sports betting and online gaming are on the rise. And if you don’t react, you will most definitely miss the boat.

Part of the official words

Even if the talks happen behind closed doors, where the involved parties are extremely quiet. They do have released some statements, yet all somewhat generic and insipid and include. “Complementary product offerings will be key to taking advantage of these growth opportunities”. And, “Bally’s would benefit from Gamesys’ proven technology platform”. Also worth keeping in mind. It was not that long ago, 2019 in fact when Gamesys merged with JPJ Group for the price of $677 Million (£490 M). As such, Gamesys know they are worth the time and effort any suiter put in front of them. On that note, stay tuned as the story unfolds and evolves.