888 is looking for help to spread its wings

As FanDuel recently capitalized on its latest marketing move. And new TV spots aired across multiple TV channels just before the NFL season kick-off. 888 too announced its intention to follow the market leader’s path and make great use of TV.

Indeed, recently Yaniv Sherman, 888’s top US executive revealed that they’re looking to bring in a regional media partner on board. And the goal of the new partner will, of course, be to expand the giant’s footprint on American turf.

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Although 888 Casino has not revealed its pick yet. Sherman talked about the risk a new partner brings. And in an interview 888 CEO also spoke about the price tag such deal as. But if there’s a company that can do this, it’s undoubtedly 888. The Stars Group has recently inked a deal with FOX. So, there’s no better time to acts before the TV market reaches media saturation.

888 is looking for help to spread its wings

The US moving in a fast pace

Experts agree, never has a gaming market moved so quickly that in United-States. In fact, after the legalization of online gambling in New Jersey, operators and other states were quick to notice the market and the industry’s potential.

But as Sherman indicated in an interview, with a fast pace market comes quick decision making as well. And so to stay ahead of the game picking the right product to launch. And when and where to go live with it, sure is vital.

In fact, Sherman recently said. “We’re not just competing against other gaming products. We’re also competing for a share of wallet and share of mobile.” So finding the right regional media deals is one crucial and essential piece to the puzzle. And most importantly can a new regional media partner help 888 expansions and are the cost and risk worth it? Time will tell…