888 goes into Orbit

The industry giant 888 launched its new platform Orbit only days ago for their New Jersey customers. And the preparations leading up for the take-off seems to have gone smoothly. It has been a great year for 888. And surely, the release of a new platform is just further proof of their exponential success.

All and all, Orbits features offer a more seamless and user-friendly journey. But what many will find interesting is the strong browser-side client, which allows for better visuals, sound, and overall quality. What’s more, is that the new Orbit platform also removes the need for annoying downloads as the browser window work on its own.

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New and improved

A great thing about the new Orbit platform is that you can kiss the annoying loading screens goodbye. Indeed, the platform powers up as soon as you view games, pages, and promotional offers. So it’s lightning-fast. Plus, it also has the necessary support for smartphones. So to have access to this new and enhanced casino experience, simply download the 888 Casino app via their website. You’ll see it’s loaded with perks and features that were previously only available for desktop users. And it’ll be quite apparent from the moment you load it.

Indeed, 888 casino app users currently have access to 239 online slot games, 15 table games with some mobile exclusives and 13 live casino tables too. But of course, 888 will launch many more games in the coming months.

2 New platforms in one year      888 goes into Orbit

Back in March, 888 rolled out a new platform for poker, namely Poker 8. Its purpose was to update the poker lobby, which essentially was a bit old and dated. Poker 8 was a great addition to 888 as it has more appealing visuals and is more in line with modern standards. So, poker players love it.

888 hopes that Orbit will do the same on a broader scale but for casino players. So, as technology improves, companies adapt. And 888 has done a great job keeping up with the trend and the technology too.