888 announces new poker platform due to roll out later this year

Once again, 888 Holdings is back with great news! This time, revealing a brand new poker platform that’s due to launch this year. And with only two more months left before the New Year, we expect the launch to happen very soon! So look out PokerStars, 888 loves the competition and has made that clear over the years! So, without further ado, let’s jump into the facts and reveal all the details!

Customer feedback and recent statistics reveal a need for change

According to 888 Holdings, they’ve heard your voices! Plus, after a recent annual financial report showed a 28% decline in poker revenue, 888 decided the time for change has come! Also, after analyzing the customer feedback, the company seems to know exactly what to do to make you happier with their product. So, on that note, get ready because Poker 8 is now on the way!

The official word

888 casino

Itai Pazner, COO at 888 said, “We’re planning to launch by the end of this year. Also, this is our biggest overhaul that we’ve done in six to seven years. The new platform name is, Poker 8.” So according to the official word from 888, keep your eyes open and get ready for the new poker 8 experience!

Poker 8 is on its way to New Jersey

To conclude, since 888 teamed up with Caesars & WSOP in NJ they’ve managed to lead the way in revenue. Although the truth is, they haven’t seen much growth at all. And since the recent launch of 888sports, sports betting brought in more cash than poker! And that’s never happened before at 888. So, moving ahead now, we look forward to the much-needed change! Also, we expect it to be a big success with all the online players out there who spoke up and made their voices heard! This one is for you! And no we’re not bluffing!